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Contractors List

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

Contractor Referral List

The Contractor Referral List contains home maintenance companies that your neighbors in Brookridge Estates have used and recommend to their neighbors as being competent and trustworthy. Each company has been referred solely by the Brookridge Estates resident indicated in the listings. The Brookridge Estates Homes Association neither recommends nor endorses these companies, and neither the Association nor the recommending resident assumes any liability for their performance. We expect that these referrals will be used with (not in place of) the usual diligence you would exercise in selecting such services.

Changing the List: This List is maintained by the Brookridge Estates Homes Association as a service to its members. Contact the directory coordinator to add, delete, or edit a referral. Follow a few simple rules below.

Adding a referral:

  1. Any referral must be a contractor that you've actually used and would personally recommend to others.

  2. We must have your name, address, and phone number. This is what makes it a neighbor's recommendation and not a home association endorsement.

  3. No negative recommendations allowed. If you can't say something nice about someone, it won't be included.

Deleting a referral:

  1. The originator of a referral may remove their referral at any time.

  2. The referral will be removed if the contractor is no longer in business.

  3. The referral will be removed if there have been two complaints made by residents against the contractor.

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