Main Entrance

Brookridge Estates' main entrance is at 99th and Metcalf Ave in beautiful Overland Park, Kansas.


The homes are primarily ranch-style, single-level homes, and are very much in demand.


The neighborhood, consisting of 254 custom homes, is bordered by Metcalf Ave on the East, Lowell Avenue on the West, 98th Terrace on the North, and 100th Place on the South.


Brookridge Estates has a homes association whose officers may be contacted by clicking on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page. The board views their responsibility to the residents as one of a positive nature. Deed restrictions will be maintained, but only as a benefit to the entire community. The board's main purpose is to make living in Brookridge Estates a delight and they are dedicated to that end.


We believe you have made a great decision to live in beautiful Brookridge Estates!


Often while a resident is working in his/her front yard, someone passing by will ask if any homes are available in the neighborhood.


You have bought into a neighborhood in great demand and you have made a wise choice! (not that we're prejudiced in any way, of course!)


The local schools are excellent, as you probably already know.


Stonegate pool has just been renovated. It is located within walking distance at 97th and Antioch. It is just across from the Brookridge Post Office.


Brookridge Estates consists of 254 mainly ranch-style homes, and was established in the early seventies by Jack Bear.

Brookridge Estates has a homes association. (See the "Board Members" page for the board members, as well as the annual treasurer's report, board meeting minutes, and the subdivision directory.)

There are Deed Restrictions that may be viewed by clicking on the "Resources" page. You may contact any board member if you have questions. Your board is generally able to work with you to achieve your needs while maintaining the beauty of our community.  If you are considering a home purchase in this subdivision, be sure to review the Deed Restrictions under Resources, as by accepting a deed to the new property, you also accept these Deed Restrictions.  You may also request a copy by emailing us at


Brookridge Estates has "Street Captains" to welcome you to the neighborhood. You may find your Street Captain by clicking on the "Login" tab at the top. You should hear from your Street Captain shortly after moving in (by a knock on the door). Since your Street Captain does not know your phone number, it actually helps him/her if you call them first with your new number.

You may have your homes association dues paid for the rest of the year, and may have your trash pickup costs paid as well by the former owner. To check on this, please contact our treasurer, Sue Cowan, 766-0041. The fiscal year for the Brookridge Estates Homes Association (BEHA) is from January 1 through December 31.


One thing that your homes association does for you is to negotiate with the trash contractor to save you considerable money on your trash pickup. Typically, this has saved residents half the cost of service negotiated with the trash contractor personally. Your BEHA dues are $30, and your trash pickup for 2022 is $177.  This includes both recycling and yard waste pickup, plus a once monthly bulky item pickup.  Residents should log into the site to review information flyer distributed in neighborhood.


BEHA remodeled the entry at 99th and Metcalf in approximately 2006. A sprinkler system was added at this time. BEHA takes great pride in keeping your entry looking nice and is currently in the process of remodeling again! Signs of any type are prohibited from being posted on the entry or on the grounds of the entry. These will be removed.

The recent work along Metcalf, from 99th to 103rd, also enhances our community.


If you are moving in from outside the Greater Kansas City area you may need suggestions for services:


To find a new family physician. Usually a good way to find a doctor is by selecting the hospital first. Fortunately, Overland Park has many great hospitals to choose from. Similarly, your family may need to find a new dentist. Rather than blindly opening the yellow pages, you may be able to ask a neighbor for assistance.

The local paper is the "Kansas City Star" newspaper, 877-962-7827.


Electricity is with the "Evergy"company, 888-471-5275.


Gas is with "Kansas Gas Service" 800-794-4780.


Water is with "WaterOne" 913-895-1800. Please note that you are charged a separate charge by "Johnson County Wastewater".


Telephone/cable may be with several companies:


"SBC/ATT" 800-246-8464, Consolidated Communications (formerly SureWest) - 825-3000, Spectrum -  816-358-8833, "Google Fiber" 866-777-7550, T-Mobile - 844-839-5057 (hint: you might want to try another company if you find you are put on a service hold for a long period of time. The numbers listed above are only for billing, so you may want to look up the service number to start with).


Make sure to call "Mark Before Digging (Kansas)" before any digging 913-344-7233.